COM 221 – Writing Across the Media, John Cabot University

The course introduces students to the various kinds of writing they will encounter in media professions and in multimedia production, and prepares them for more advanced media courses in the Communications and Media Studies program.

Students will also be introduced to basic legal and ethical issues, such as libel, copyright, and privacy. Activities include writing for online media, press releases, strategic campaigns, and short scripts for visual and audio media as well as exercises to pitch their ideas. They will also explore issues concerning style, communicability, and effective storytelling.

• Learn legal and ethical principles of writing for the media
• Demonstrate an understanding of the history and role of writing for various media
• Write correctly and clearly in forms and styles appropriate for a variety of
communications professions
• Apply tools and technologies appropriate for different communications professions
• Critically assess institutional and individual media practices
• Understand how to promote and share written works online

• Conceive, draft, edit and finalize a basic script for visual and audio media

Course content:

All students will be required to create an e-portfolio using WordPress (the same platform you’re currently viewing). This is where students will post and share their work from class assignments.

Throughout the course, students will be required to maintain a blog, with at least one post a week. There will be additional writing activities, both inside and outside of class, consisting of various different projects, including a press release/media kit, proposal, treatment, and short scripts (audio and visual) for either a public-service announcement, training film, educational film, or strategic spot.

This course will include guest lectures from different media specialists.

•Online Journalism: The Essential Guide, Steve Hill and Paul Lashmar (Sage), 978-1446207352 (Textbook link)
Reserve reading:
•The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging
Blog (20%), Spot Script (20%), Podcast Script (20%), Press Kit (20%), Final Exam(10%), Digital Portfolio(5%), Participation/Attend(5%)
Course Outline: