Blog requirements: In this course you are required to set up a blog on your e-portfolio and make one blog post a week (due by midnight the Sunday before class). You are required to make 12 blog posts by the last week of class. To choose a topic for your blog, you have three options:

  1. Blog as an “expert” on a particular topic that interests you. This could be a hobby or an interest that you feel confident about. (must be approved)
  2. Blog about a specific media topic (ethics, race and gender, etc.)
  3. Blog as a media student exploring how your knowledge gained in your courses is impacting your media usage. In this case, you would write relevant observations about daily media use and related it to what you are learning in your courses.

In each case your blog topic should have in mind a real (authentic) audience which guides your writing style. Make sure you respect legal and ethical guidelines, such as privacy, defamation and copyright. The blog should have:

  • An “about” page with clearly defined mission, goals and audience.
  • A title and subheading that reflects your focus
  • Easy navigation
  • Original cover photo that reflects your blog’s focus (no stock photos)

Every blog post must have:

  • A compelling headline
  • A one-line hook (do not start off your post with, “Hey guys,” “‘Sup peeps,” “Hi foodies,” etc.).
  • Embedded media (audio, video or image) with links to originals. Always credit your source (to see whether or not you can use an image, follow this link).
  • Embedded hyperlinks
  • At least two paragraphs (400 word minimum)
  • Tags

Tips: If you get stuck, write a review of a book, film or TV show. You can respond to a media event (such as MTV’s Music Video Awards), or news coverage of an event (such as the refugee crisis in Europe).

  • Header Title
  • Subhead
  • One line description of your blog theme
  • One line description of your blog audience

Curating: As a blogger, you are a “curator” of a specific topic in which you are an “expert.” A curator examines and evaluates a particular issue by assembling different materials and links to tell the story of your topic.


Background info about news curation:

Links about blogging:

Writing headlines:

Travel blogging:

Food blogging:

City blogging:

Health blogging: How to Make a Successful Health/Wellness Blog


Pinterest “how to blog” search; “how to blog with wordpress