Podcast Script

Podcast script guidelines:

Due: TBA

Script a podcast based on your blog in which you are the host. Think of your podcast as a “radio magazine.” It should have different sections and features with varied content. Make an effort to produce something that is “educational.” People often listen to radio not only to be entertained, but also to learn something. You should add depth to the topic that you are covering; avoid superficial topics and discussions. In your interview section, be sure to introduce your subject and why you think this person is worth interviewing.

  • Treatment (no more than four sentences) with log line
  • At least five pages with appropriate technical language and format for audio scripts. (Please use 12 pt. type)
  • At least three different sections that include an interview, review and editorial (a polemical statement about something that concerns you).
  • Two-page paper describing your process. Explain your approach to the project and what your goals were. Discuss which aspects were easier and which were more difficult.


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