PSA Script

Due: March 8

Write a 30-second public service announcement script and storyboard to promote the activity of a student organization or nonprofit organization. If you get stuck for ideas, go here. Your PSA assignment needs to have a unique title, log line (a one-sentence summary of your story), paragraph summary (treatment), script, storyboard and two-page paper.


    • One paragraph treatment (separate sheet) with title, log line/slug line written in present tense with active verbs. A logline is a sentence that summarizes the PSA. A treatment is a one-paragraph description of what happens in the PSA (not an explanation of why or what it is about)
    • Script type-written in video format
    • Storyboard with shot descriptions and audio
    • A two-page paper (typed, doubled-space) that explains your rationale by explaining how you strategized the following elements: hypothetical channel/platform, grabbing viewers’ attention, persuasion techniques, take-home message, choice of action you want viewer to take, and use of accurate facts.

Grading criteria:

  • Must have a clearly defined take-home message (one sentence) and call to action
  • Demonstrate strategic use of persuasion techniques
  • Demonstrate research (use relevant facts or statistics from background research)
  • Well-thought out communication strategy that combines visual and audio elements
  • Use of appropriate technical language
  • A central visual metaphor
  • Ethical considerations

Spot script template:

PSA scripting worksheet (optional): Public-Service-Announcement_Scripting-Template.psa

Film language glossary (with examples) 

Storyboard template: Storyboard-Template.pdf

Steps for creating your PSA script: Planning-Your-PSA.pdf

Sample video script #1: Audio for the Office script v1.1.pdf

Sample video script # 2: Using Music in your video Script.pdf

PSA presentation: PSAs.pdf

PSA example from past student