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Ukraine says Russia is “systematically” stealing its children, CBS Mornings

Pope says he must lessen travel or possibly retire, CBS Evening News

Pope back in Rome after apologizing to Canada’s indigenous, CBS Saturday Morning

Pope arrives in Canada on apology mission, CBS Evening News

Historic drought in Italy threatens traditions, CBS Mornings

Extreme heat, drought, wildfires hurt food production in Europe, CBS News

Kremlin: captured US fighters committed crimes against Russian forces, CBS Evening News

Video of captured American fighters released, CBS Evening News

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Russia biological weapons conspiracy theory, CBS Mornings

American fighter reportedly killed in Ukraine as Russia intensifies attacks, CBS News

Evacuation continues at Mariupol steel mill, CBS News Red & Blue

Some civilians escape Mariupol steel mill, Russia introduces rouble in Kherson, CBS News

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians pour into Poland to seek safety from Russian invasion, CBS Mornings

Novak Djokovic breaks silence, but not convictions to refuse vaccine, CBS Mornings

Denmark removes all COVID restrictions despite high cases, CBS Mornings

Italy cracks down on the unvaccinated with strict travel and mask requirements, CBS Mornings

New report faults Pope Benedict for overlooking sex abuse in German diocese, CBS News

An inside look into Villa Aurora, one of the most expensive homes on the market, CBS Mornings

Venice low tides reveal ancient wonders, look into future, CBS Saturday Morning

Faith-based pilgrimages are back, despite pandemic, CBS Mornings

The Dish: Chef and sailor Mauro Stoppa preaches cuisine of Venice, CBS Saturday Morning

Biden to meet Pope Francis on Europe trip, CBS News

Protests in Rome against vaccine mandate turn violent, CBS Weekend Evening News

Nancy Pelosi evacuated from Rome church amid Covid vaccine protests, CBS News  

French clergy sexually abused 216,000 minors: Report, CBS News

Report documents 3,000 pedophiles working in French Catholic Church, CBS Mornings

Iconic Roman pine trees at risk from dangerous parasites, CBS Weekend News

Germany’s new leadership, as Merkel steps down, CBS Mornings

— A new era begins in Germany as citizens vote for Merkel successor, CBS Weekend News

Social Democrats beat Merkel’s bloc in German elections, CBS News

Germany votes in national election to replace Angela Merkel, CBS News

Germans vote to elect new Chancellor, CBS News

Francis calls out anti-semitism, anti-migrant policies on papal trip, CBS News

Former cardinal on trial for sex abuse of minors, CBS This Morning

WWII vet meets ‘children’ he nearly killed 77 years ago, CBS This Morning 

WWII veteran reunites with kids whose lives he nearly cut short, CBS Evening News

Italy mandates vaccine pass for restaurants, museums, CBS Evening News

—  Venice uses mobile data to track tourists, prevent crowds, CBSN

EU countries introduce vaccine pass to enter restaurants, museums, CBS This Morning

Death toll climbs from catastrophic flooding in Europe, CBS Evening News

Germany hardest hit by worst flooding in Europe’s history, CBS This Morning

Lake Como shrinking due to climate change, CBS This Morning

Italy crowned Europe’s soccer champions, CBS This Morning

Pope Francis leads Sunday prayer from hospital balcony after surgery, CBS Evening News

Venice braces for influx of American tourists, CBS This Morning

Vatican says pope is doing well after recovering from intestinal surgery, CBS This Morning

Pope Francis undergoes colon surgery, CBS Evening News

COVID passports ease travel  in Europe, CBS This Morning

After massive restoration, Rome’s Colosseum unveils gladiator’s ‘backstage’, CBS This Morning

—  As India struggles with COVID, a new disease infection targets survivors, CBS Evening News

Rickshaws saving lives amid India’s covid crisis, CBS This Morning Saturday

Italian embroiderers stitch steering wheels and papal hats, CBS This Morning

India’s prime minister criticized for parliament makeover amid Covid crisis, CBS Evening News

Volunteer undertakers risk their lives as India’s death toll climbs, CBS Evening News

Life-saving oxygenators from US arrive in India desperate for air, CBS This Morning

Stratospheric rise in Covid cases, deaths show no sign of slowing in India, CBS Face The Nation

India’s Covid deaths hit record high, CBS This Morning Saturday

Coronavirus infections and deaths remain high in India, CBS News

India under pressure to lockdown as Covid surges, CBS Evening News

Covid infections surge as India’s hard-hit capital faces oxygen shortage, CBS This Morning

Dire oxygen shortage in India as Covid crisis intensifies, CBS Evening News

India hospitals overwhelmed as country continues to set grim coronavirus records, CBS This Morning

An inside look at India’s Covid crisis as cremations burn 24/7, CBS Evening News

A deserted  St Peter’s Square marks second Easter under Covid lockdown, CBS This Morning Saturday 

Easter at the Vatican: Francis faces second year of reduced visitors and revenue,CBS This Morning

Lack of tourism during pandemic taking a toll on Vatican  collection plates during Easter, CBS News

Battered Venice turns 1600 amid Covid, CBS This Morning

Europe resumes AstraZeneca amid skepticism, CBS Evening News

Countries across Europe battle third Covid wave amid vaccine shortage, CBS This Morning

Pope Francis condemns ISIS terrorism in Iraq visit, CBS Evening News

Pope Francis meets with Iraq’s top Shiite cleric, CBS Evening News

Pope Francis meets top Shia cleric in historic Iraq visit, CBS This Morning Saturday

Pope calls for end to violence in historic Iraq visit, CBS Evening News

Pope arrives in Baghdad to begin historic first trip to Iraq, CBS This Morning

Germans suspicious about Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, CBS This Morning 

Without tourists, Venice becomes a movie set amid pandemic,  CBS This Morning Saturday 

A look at northern Italy one year after first COVID case, CBS This Morning

Pope Francis tests homeless for Covid in St. Peter’s Square, CBS News

Italian government becomes latest COVID casualty, CBS News

Italians pay it forward with coffee and COVID tests,CBS This Morning Saturday

One of the biggest mafia trials ever kicks off in Italy, CBS News

Michelangelo’s David faithfully recreated using 3D technology during Florence lockdown, CBS This Morning

How Rome teachers take lessons beyond the classroom, CBS Evening News

Cardinal George Pell gives first US TV interview since sex abuse acquittal, CBS News

New artificial dam aims to save Venice from climate change-induced flooding,CBS This Morning

Wilton Gregory becomes first black American cardinal, CBS Evening News

First African American cardinal honored amid coronavirus restrictions, CBS This Morning Saturday

Pope Francis to appoint Wilton Gregory as first African American cardinal, CBS This Morning

Italian town offers free vacations, CBS This Morning Saturday

Italy hospitals near breaking point amid coronavirus surge, CBS Evening News

Inside a Rome ICU as Italy faces rising COVID death toll, CBS This Morning

John Paul II knew of cardinal sex abuse allegations, but did nothing, CBS Evening News

Vatican report finds John Paul II knew of allegations against ex-Cardinal McCarrick, CBS This Morning 

Vatican begins historic sex abuse trial, CBS News

UN World Food Program wins Nobel Peace Prize, CBS News

How music became a weapon in the “revolution” in Belarus, CBS News

— Renaissance ‘wine windows’ re-open in Florence amid pandemic, CBS This Morning Saturday

— Cardinal George Pell back in Rome after acquitted of child sex abuseCBS News

— Vatican cardinal resigns amid financial allegationsCBS News

— Italy launches ‘Covid-free’ flights, CBS News

— Putin extends $1.5 billion to Belarus as protests intensifyCBS News

— Putin pledges $1.5 billion to Belarus, CBS News

— Tanks, protests in Belarus recall Cold War, but White House silentCBS This Morning

— Protests keep pressure on Belarus president Lukashenko to resignCBS Evening News

— Belarus protester found dead hanging from treeCBS This Morning Saturday

— Belarus leader arrests journalists, gets Putin’s backingCBS News

Belarus protester found hanging from tree, CBS News

— Belarusian president seen toting automatic rifle, as mass demonstrations continueCBS This Morning

— Belarus protesters demand president Lukashenko resignCBS Evening News

— Putin critic Alexei Navalny in coma after possible poisoning, CBS Evening News

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny arrives at Berlin hospital, CBS This Morning Saturday 

— Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny hospitalized after suspected poisoningCBS Evening News

— Protests in Belarus amid claims president rigged electionCBS Evening News

— Belarus protests sparked by “fraudulent election” demand end to president’s 26-year-rule, CBS This Morning

— Europe sees spike in cases after restrictions easeCBS News

— Protests erupt in Belarus after election resultsCBS News

 Massive explosions rock Beirut, many feared dead, CBS News

— More than 70 killed, 3,000 wounded in Beirut explosionCBS Evening News

— Rome Opera finds social distancing at ancient chariot racetrack, CBS This Morning

— Apps aid contact tracing in EuropeCBS This Morning Saturday

 Venice begins testing floodgates in hope to save city, CBS This Morning Saturday

Italian brides protest coronavirus restrictions on weddings, CBS News

— The art of reopening, as Italy’s museums make coronavirus comeback, CBS This Morning

— Pompeii seen through a different lens amid coronavirusCBS This Morning

— Rome’s Fascist monuments that aren’t coming downCBS This Morning

— Europe’s ‘calculated risk’, second phase of reopening, CBS This Morning

— Life returns to Venice as city devoid of tourists gets eco-boostCBS This Morning

Celebrating and honoring nurses worldwide, CBSN

— Female gondoliers deliver food to Venetians amid coronavirus lockdown, CBS This Morning

— Italy starts returning to normal as daily virus deaths hit new low, CBS This Morning

— Study finds Coronavirus carried on polluted air, CBS Weekend News

— Antibody testing could be key to reopening Italy’s economyCBS Evening News

— Coronavirus deaths are slowing in Italy, but cemeteries can’t keep up with the bodies, CBS This Morning

Pope Francis readies for a solitary Easter weekend, CBS This Morning Saturday

— Italy’s Coronavirus death toll is likely much higher, CBS This Morning  

— Inside an Italian ICU fighting COVID 19, CBS Evening News

— Outbreak tests Italy’s limits a week after lockdown beganPBS NewsHour Weekend

— Italy locks down entire country amid coronavirus outbreakPBS NewsHour

Italy’s coronavirus outbreak sparks panic, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Politics and architecture collide in Macedonia, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Faced with limited food for refugees, Lebanon goes hi-tech, PBS NewsHour Weekend

New tech fighting refugee food shortages in Jordan, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— Disease threatens Italy’s once booming olive oil industry, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Inside Hezbollah Heartland After The Death Of Soleimani, NBC News Now

How Southern Lebanon Views Hezbollah Amid Escalating Tensions With The US, NBC News Now

Middle East is a ‘powder keg’, Hezbollah leader holds matchMSNBC 

 The history of Lebanon’s relationship with the US, NBC News Now

Riace was once a beacon for migrants. Now it’s ghost town, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— What 1 euro can buy you in Sicilian real-estatePBS NewsHour

— In Italy, rising anxiety over falling birth ratesPBS NewsHour

It’s all in the name for N. Macedonia’s NATO, EU bids, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— ‘Game of Thrones’ lives on in Medieval Croatian city, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— Meet the Ukrainian nationalist group that’s training white supremacistsNBC News Now

— Hong Kong protests continue, despite withdrawal of extradition billCNBC Squawk Box

— What do activist arrests mean in the standoff in Hong Kong?MSNBC Ali Velshi

— Pro-democracy protests to continue in Hong Kong for 13th-straight weekend, MSNBC Hard Ball with Chris Matthews

— Hong Kong protest organizer: ‘police never behave accordingly,’ NBC News Now

Rise of anti-semitism raises fears in France, PBS NewsHour Weekend 

— Nuns denounce rape, forced abortion by priests, PBS NewsHour

— The fight to save Stradivarius’ ‘Musical Woods’PBS NewsHour Weekend

— Migrants risk crossing Alps fleeing Italy’s crackdown, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— Nigerian nun rebukes Catholic Church during Vatican sex abuse summitPBS NewsHour Weekend

— As historic summit on church sex abuse begins, pope’s credibility at risk, PBS NewsHour

— Modern construction in Rome yields ancient discoveriesPBS NewsHour Weekend

— Italy’s government targets town known for taking in migrantsPBS NewsHour Weekend

— At US-Mexico border, a tribal nation fights wall that would divide them, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— It’s a Hollywood set, it’s just taped in Hungary, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— Inside Milan’s Casa Verdi, where musicians retire in harmonyPBS NewsHour Weekend

 Hungary’s nationalism may be harbinger of Europe’s futurePBS NewsHour Weekend

— Libyan coast remains fertile for ISIS and migrant traffickers,
 PBS NewsHour Weekend

— A brutal life for migrants in Libya: trafficking, detention, or deathPBS NewsHour

 ISIS regroups to attack a fragmented LibyaPBS NewsHour Weekend

— Saved or Seized? Greece’s long fight with UK over Parthenon MarblesPBS NewsHour Weekend

— Marble that built Pantheon in record demand for constructionPBS NewsHour Weekend

Greece’s debt-relief plans come at high price for residents, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— The army produces Italy’s medical pot, but can’t keep up with demand, PBS NewsHour Weekend

— By staging war games, NATO prepares for cyber attacksPBS NewsHour Weekend

— How Estonia built a digital-first governmentPBS NewsHour Weekend

— How US coal interests fuel Trump’s Ukraine policyPBS NewsHour Weekend 

— Italian populists defeat political establishment, PBS NewsHour

— How a rising populist party could shake up Italian politics, PBS NewsHour Weekend

How Ukraine became a strain on US-Russia relations, PBS NewsHour Weekend

What the Mafia Has in Common With Protecting the Vatican from Terror Attacks, PBS NewsHour

Scientists Identify Remains of Hundreds Lost in Cyprus Conflict, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Merkel beating backlash to refugee policy in reelection, PBS NewsHour Weekend

A fashion mogul is restoring Rome’s Colosseum,
PBS NewsHour Weekend

Has Venice become unwelcoming to its inhabitants? PBS NewsHour

Starved by drought, Rome’s water supply may not spring eternal, PBS NewsHour

Climate change challenges sinking city of Venice, PBS NewsHour Weekend

French presidential election offers ‘two visions of France’, PBS NewsHour

Kenya Races to Goal of Electrifying Every Household, PBS NewsHour

Drones keep elephants away from people in Tanzania
, PBS NewsHour

Group gives cash to rural Kenyans, then studies effects, PBS NewsHour

Waging Peace between Greeks, Turks in Cyprus, PBS NewsHour Weekend

U.S. NATO troops surge in Europe after Russian aggression, PBS NewsHour

The Rise of Italy’s ‘Rejectionist’ Five Star Movement, PBS NewsHour

Italian vote could amend post-war constitution, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Survival and sadness in Iraq’s Christian towns, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Could the fight against ISIS give Kurds more autonomy? PBS NewsHour Weekend

Why the Islamic State tried an audacious attack on Kirkuk, PBS NewsHour

ISIS fighters retreating from Mosul aren’t going quietly, PBS NewsHour

Saving treasured art after Italy’s major earthquake, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Italy marks national day of mourning after quake, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Devastated Italian towns receive global support, PBS NewsHour

Italian earthquake levels towns, kills at least 159, PBS NewsHour

These floating piers let visitors walk on water, PBS NewsHour Weekend

How Lebanon is coping with over a million Syrian refugees, PBS NewsHour Weekend

Migrants and refugees keep Italian village alive, PBS Newshour Weekend

Deciphering the Secrets of the Codex Seraphinianus, CNN Great Big Story

The Mafia in Australia: Drugs, Murder, and Politics, ABC Four Corners

The Mafia in Australia: Blood Ties, ABC Four Corners

Educating Sargeant Pantzke, PBS FRONTLINE



India on its knees, 1/2, The John Batchelor Show

India on its knees, 2/2, The John Batchelor Show

Cardinal George Pell on his time in prison, the allegations made against him, and financial mismanagement at the Vatican, CBS This Morning Podcast

— In Rome, Retirees Clean Up The Aqueducts, NPR All Things Considered

— An Italian Town Fell Silent To Preserve The Sounds Of StradivariusNPR, All Things Considered

— Rejected By Italy, Thousands Of Migrants From Africa Risk The Alps To Reach FranceNPR Morning Edition 

 Rome’s Subway Expansion Reveals Artifacts From The Ancient Past, NPR Weekend Edition 

Italy Stuns Soccer Fans, Fails To Qualify For World Cup, NPR Morning Edition

— In Italy, Dance As An Antidote To Migrant Integration Tensions , NPR All Things Considered

Italy Turns High Schoolers Into ‘Fake News Hunters’, NPR Morning Edition

Milan And Venice Head To Polls in Push For Greater Autonomy, NPR Weekend Edition

As Venice Housing Prices Rise, Squatters Fight to Stay in Hometown, NPR All Things Considered

Ancient Iraqi Art On Display At Venice Biennale, NPR Weekend Edition

As Drought Parches Italy, Rome Turns Off Historic Drinking Fountains, NPR Morning Edition

Amid Measles Outbreak, Italy Makes Vaccines Mandatory, NPR Morning Edition

Europe’s Drug Wars, BBC World Service, The Documentary

The Black Italian Boxing Champ Who Beat the Fascists, DW World Link

As Tourists Crowd Out Locals, Venice Faces ‘Endangered’ List, NPR All Things Considered

When Culture Is At Risk, Italy’s Art Police Come To The Rescue, NPR Weekend Edition

Italy’s ‘Cultural Allowance’ Aims to Educate, Counter Extremism’, NPR All Things Considered

‘Tough Guy’ Farmers Stand Up To Italian Mafia – And Win, NPR Weekend Edition

Mother Teresa, Now a Saint, Was Not Without Flaws, NPR All Things Considered

Pope Francis Canonizes Mother Teresa, NPR Weekend Edition

Italian #FertilityDay Campaign Backfires, NPR All Things Considered

Italian Coast Guard Rescues More than 6,000 Migrants, NPR All Things Considered

Rescuers Scramble to Find Quake Survivors in Amatrice, Italy, NPR Morning Edition

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Central Italy, NPR All Things Considered

Death Toll Rises After Earthquake Rocks Central Italy, NPR Here and Now

Aftershocks Rumble Across Italy; Quake’s Death Toll Rises, NPR Morning Edition

Migrants Help in Relief Effort After Deadly Quake in Italy, NPR All Things Considered

Quake Victims Question Who’s to Blame for Buildings’ Failures, NPR Morning Edition

Italian Rescuers Race to Find Quake Survivors, NPR Morning Edition

Catastrophic Earthquake Strikes Central Italy, WNYC/PRI, The Takeaway

This startup turns Syrian refugees into Arabic teachers, BBC/PRI’s The World

Italian Hipsters Help Relocate Syrian Family In A Remote Village, NPR All Things Considered

After Battling ISIS, Kurds Find New Foe in Facebook, BBC/PRI’s The World

In New Neapolitan Novel, Fans Seek Clues About Author’s Past, NPR, All Things Considered

Italy, Land Of Pizza And Pasta, Is Gluten-Free Friendly, NPR, NPR Weekend Edition

Students Restore Music Room, Reclaim Native American Identity, NPR Weekend Edition

Venice’s Gondoliers Make Room For Wheelchairs
, NPR Weekend Edition

Foodies clash with McDonald’s at World’s Fair, CBC The World This Weekend

Italian Cheese Lovers Find Bovine Match Through ‘Adopt A Cow’, NPR Weekend Edition

In The Italian Alps, Stradivari’s Trees Live On,
NPR Weekend Edition

Austria is trying to cut down on ‘jihadi brides’, BBC/PRI’s The World

In job-hungry Italy, neo-Fascists await young migrants. PRI’s The World

Is ISIS a threat on the US border? Not so fast, BBC/PRI The World

An Old-School Entertainer, Making Jazz in the Present Tense, NPR All Things Considered

Under The Streets Of Naples, A Way Out For Local Kids, NPR All Things Considered

Tiny Italian Town Thumbs Its Nose At Lenten Abstinence, NPR Weekend Edition

Which Art Should We Save? Cash-Strapped Italy Votes, NPR All Things Considered

Vehicle-Clogged Rome Turning to Bikes, BBC/PRI The World

Crowd Funding Effort Seeks to Save Venice’s Everyday Gondolas, NPR All Things Considered

Unemployed Italians Try Organic Farming, BBC/PRI The World

Locals Fear Venice Becoming a ‘Big Shopping Center’, NPR Morning Edition

Italy’s Accordion Industry: Tiny and Thriving, NPR Morning Edition

Art As ‘Smart Power’ at the Venice Biennale, NPR All Things Considered

Italy’s immigration law resembles Arizona’s, BBC/PRI The World

Music You’re Not Supposed To Hear, NPR All Things Considered

Pearls Before Swine: How American Health Officials, the Media, and the Public Reacted to the 2009 Outbreak of H1N1

(Radio Documentary)

Part 1:From H1N1, to the Spanish Flu of 1918, to the other swine flu of 1976


Part 2: To vax or not to vax?


Part 3: From Mexico, to Iowa, to New York, the H1N1 outbreak of 2009 caused more harm than just the sniffles


KRTS, Marfa Public Radio, 2008


Italy’s toughest-in-the-world vaccine mandate sparks violent protests
CBS News, October 11, 2021

Italian government becomes latest COVID casualty
CBS News, January 26,  2021

Putin says Russian “reserve” forces ready to back Lukashenko in Belarus “if the situation gets out of control”
CBS News, August 27, 2020

Belarus police say protester found hanged from tree committed suicide. Friends “100 percent” certain police killed him.
CBS News, August 26, 2020

Why anger in Belarus boiled over, and what happens next?
CBS News, August 18, 2020

We began to film secretly in Libya. Then we had to escape
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Europe’s Biggest Dump – ‘Italy’s Chernobyl’ – Uncovered in Mafia Heartland
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In job-hungry Italy, neo-Fascists await young migrants
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Rome Is Not Intimidated by ISIS Threats to Conquer It for the Caliphate
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The Italian Mob Doesn’t Give a Damn that the Pope Excommunicated Them

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Boat refugees to Italian government: ‘Sorry we failed to die at sea’
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Spiritual Aftershocks: Haitian Voodoo in Brooklyn After the Quake

Spiritual Aftershocks

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